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The Beanhome colour palette. Receive our pantone at home.

Colour is an intrinsic part of the Beanhome language. It is part of our philosophy and our identity. So we have developed our own range of colours, which are applied to our furniture in water-based lacquers.

Before defining what is now our colour palette, we carried out an exhaustive investigation and a process of trial and errort to obtain the colours that combine perfectly with our furniture.

The Beanhome colour range includes the following shades: Chinese red, strawberry red, ocean blue, petrol blue, turquoise, curry yellow, fluorescent yellow, white, stone grey, grey, sand grey and anthracite grey. Each of these colours plays a key role in our furniture. For example, the fluorescent yellow legs of the J table are totally distinguishable. Our Frisbee shelves and iconic Robotic unit are available in Chinese red, strawberry red, ocean blue, curry yellow and natural wood colour, all of which are iconic within Beanhome.

We have also just launched the Mirlo bookshelf, fully customised, which can be purchased through the On Demand service. The colour makes the difference in Mirlo, too, through its compartments, available in blue, red and yellow, inspired by the aesthetics of Piet Mondrian.

Although we have worked hard so that you can see our colours as they really are on the website, we know that nothing can beat seeing and experiencing them physically. So we have prepared a pantone that we can send to you at home if you are interested.

To receive your Beanhome colour pantone, send us your address to ilove@beanhome.es and we will get it off to you as soon as possible.


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