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It all began in 2013, when Beanhome became our private universe, in which creativeness abounded. Our passion for design and colour is transformed into timeless furniture with soul. Furniture for a lifetime, that outlasts passing trends.

With our collection we aim to make your everyday life easier, excite you and bring life to your spaces. We want to convert our furniture into places where you can daydream, write the next best-seller or watch your favourite films over and over.

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Our furniture reflects moments. Moments of switching off. Moments of sincere laughter. Moments of concentration.


Leticia and Camino consider it important to hang on to good ideas, they enrich us, “less is more”.
We pursue our taste for simplicity and extreme functionality.
We have put everything into achieving a logical balance between design and usefulness.

Beanhome is our language, through which we express our identity.
Beanhome is our own story.



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Our furniture reflects people.
It reflects their concerns, their personalities, the way they see and understand the constant changes in the outside world.


We want to be with you forever, so we investigate and innovate to create furniture that will withstand the passage of time. At Beanhome, we highlight what makes us unique. All our furniture is entirely made in Spain, recovering traditional craftsmanship adapted to contemporary times and exploiting the expertise of our artisans.

We have a penchant for colour. We have developed our own range of water-based colour lacquers, carefully prepared and eco-friendly.

We focus on technology and innovation. We investigate state-of-the-art techniques to improve our production processes and incorporate e-commerce as a form of dialogue with you and your everyday lives.

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Our furniture reflects intentions. To surprise with colours, innovate with materials and textures, improve quality and be responsible with the planet.