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Beanfriends: our ambassadors talk to us about their favourite Beanhome furniture

We are full of good news!

At Beanhome we are very excited to share our latest novelty with you:

Three major professionals from the worlds of technological consultancy, design and audiovisual production have joined our family as Beanhome ambassadors.

Eva Cebrián, Javier Olleta and Marisa Santamaría have become our Beanhome Friends. They have opened the doors to their homes for us and we have discovered a little bit of Beanhome in each one. They are in a better position than anyone to talk about Beanhome.

We want to share their comments with you so that you can get to know them a bit more and discover their favourite items of furniture.

Eva Cebrián

Audiovisual Producer, a great fan of music, cinema, art and design and in love with Zebra. It all began when she decided to make a room for herself, where she could relax, work or read. Since then, that has become her favourite corner of the house. Eva told us that her daughter decided to “steal” her Zebra bed as soon as she saw it.

“Apart from its functionality, which I adore, you can turn it into a chaise longue or even a double bed. I love all the features it offers as furniture; its design is spectacular and it is a wonderful item Made in Spain”.

Javier Olleta

Technological consultant specialising in means of payment, loves cooking and the world of wine, and a big fan of our J desk. His relationship with J is 100% complementary: the table legs are J-shaped and his name begins with J. Moreover, Javier considers J a perfect space to think, study, read and research his great hobby: cooking.

“J gives me that peace and space I need, very neutral, warm and cosy.”

Marisa Santamaría

Researcher and lecturer, she also informs on international design trends. She loves reading, writing and delving into the projects she is working on. We are delighted that such an important professional in the world of design has given her opinion on Beanhome and our Robotic unit.

“I very much admire its two designers: Leticia and Camino. I have followed their progress all along… They have a vision and point of view focusing on functional features and comfort, which is entirely in keeping with not only present trends but also the future”

Marisa Santamaría considers Robotic a unit that embodies the values of contemporary design and the values that are being projected into the future. It is a functional, nomadic unit with a fun, recreational appearance.

“Robotic has a very deep-rooted value, first because it is a Spanish design, and second because it has a very clear identity. It also has a technological element combined with craftwork, which I adore”

Each piece of Beanhome furniture has its own personality and a little history behind it, which makes them all unique design items.

Our ambassadors are very clear on what they like best. And you? Have you decided which is your favourite?


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