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Beanhome in Nuevo Estilo November

We at Beanhome are delighted to form part of the report “simple things are twice as beautiful” in the November edition of the magazine Nuevo Estilo.

“The simplicity and timelessness of designs that make the best possible use of craftsmanship and sustainability are Beanhome’s main strengths.”

The founding partners of the firm, Leticia Marañón and Camino Alfaro, have taken another step forward to bring these items to us, making them available through their website, where we can buy them from the comfort of our own homes.

This article perfectly defines the values of beanhome. We design timeless furniture with a soul, furniture that will outlast any fleeting trend. We are constantly seeking a balance between functional and design. We respect and take care of the environment and our production is entirely manufactured in Spain.

As you can read in Nuevo Estilo, we recently launched a new stage in the life of Beanhome: our website, where you can now find and buy all our furniture, which we have designed and made with loving care.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the team of Nuevo Estilo!

Acknowledgements: Pilar Barrio


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