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Beanhome Furniture: our craft production process

Our craftsmanship is our most precious asset. Our hallmark is a constant concern for detail. We have been working with our team to achieve quality design products Made in Spain.

In each stage of production of each item of Beanhome furniture, our team nurtures and treats each part making up the furniture with their characteristic respect and professionalism.

We want to share with you this part of production that is not so visible, but into which we put our heart and soul.


First of all, we choose raw material that grows in sustainable forests, which is carefully and respectfully transformed into Beanhome furniture by the expert hands of our artisan cabinet makers, who care for, select and transform this raw material.

We try to ensure that the outcome in our furniture is as natural as possible, putting across that feeling of nature, of well-made furniture with quality finish. To achieve this, we use top quality timber.

At Beanhome we use processes that guarantee an outstanding finish. We select the best lots following a pattern of cleanliness, uniformity and stability, always checking the drying and moisture level of our water-based lacquer finishes.

Once the parts have been cleaned and inspected they are assembled, positioning, checking and adjusting each of the fittings. Before the furniture is packed up ready for delivery to your home, it is cleaned and protection is fitted to edges, lids and legs.

The quality of our furniture is an essential value, so exhaustive quality controls are made on a daily basis at all stages of the production process of Beanhome furniture to guarantee the highest standards.

Each stage of production is like a new chapter in the life of your furniture and we guide and accompany it throughout the process, so that when it reaches your home, it transmits the fondness with which it was manufactured.

At Beanhome, we strive to eliminate barriers and make your wishes come true.



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