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Beanhome, Award for Best Independent Female Designer 2019

We want to share with you the Award we received on 29 February. We had the pleasure of receiving the prize for Best Independent Female Designer 2019 awarded every year by Femme Creators by Mercado de Diseño. A prize acknowledging female talent and rewarding creativity. A recognition of our careers, our designs and our way of working: sustainable, craftsmanship and Made in Spain, which we are very proud to accept and which gives us incentive to continue creating.

The MD-i award was created in 2017 to recognise the entrepreneurship of women who participated in an edition of Mercado de Diseño [Design Market] in the previous year. The jury this year was made up of three professionals with a lengthy track record in the world of design, art and culture, recognised for their insight and as benchmarks in their respective sectors: Laura Campo de Luna, Art Director of the media company Freeda, Marisa Santamaría, Founder and Director of Global Innovation Trends Unit and Emerio Arena, Art Director of The Room Diseño.

We are very grateful for an award that celebrates the effort and enthusiasm with which we do our work and the setbacks we overcome along the way. This road has led us to strike a balance between designs, finishes, production and final price. A reward that boosts our career, helps us to develop our creativeness freely and enables our designs to be enjoyed throughout the world, thanks to the showcase provided by “Mercado de Diseño”.

Because it is important to be surrounded and supported by people with the same outlook on life.