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Welcome to Beanhome Christmas

At this strange Christmas, we at Beanhome want to remember cherished moments spent with our loved ones, so we have brought reality and fiction together to create our own story, through which you will meet several characters who must be present at all Christmas family gatherings.

We enter the family home starring our Dot table. For this special action, we have had the privilege of collaboration from four designers of crockery and ceramic craftswomen: El Almacén de la Casa by María Hernando, Iuka Vajillas by Lorena Benzo, El Atelier de Mery by María Vega de Seoane and the hand-painted crockery of Andrea Zarraluqui; with whom we identify wholly, valuing their know-how, their sensitivity and their artisan nature.

We live this unusual Beanhome Christmas like this:

“Welcome to Beanhome Christmas!”. That is what nan says as she opens the door to her house for another year. Although this one was going to be rather different, I could see her grinning from ear to ear. Bright lips, passion red. Just as sophisticated as ever. She has decorated her house wonderfully, with little touches in every corner.

Ready to receive your guests? This fantastic crockery in blue and pink tones from El almacén de la Casa will make all the difference this year. And Dot, our favourite table for this Christmas, looks great there.

Gramps, the chatterbox, came out into the hall as usual to greet us. He is always the host of the best family gatherings and this year was not going to be an exception. He was longing for us to arrive so that he could tell us endless tales of his childhood and youth.

On the practical table Dot, those ceramic plates handmade by
El Atelier de Mery invite us to a long chat after family meals.

Then the life and soul of the party arrived: my aunt. She is practical and contemporary. A true expert in: “I saw it and couldn’t resist”, she naturally turned up bearing a gift. She always finds a way to sit next to me and there is never a dull moment with her.

They gape at the wonderful items designed by
Andrea Zarraluqui. Hand-painted porcelain for special occasions set on our Dot table.

Anxious to savour the menu for this Christmas while waiting for the one who is always late: my brother-in-law. He has been a specialist in Christmas greetings ever since WhatsApp arrived on the scene and has always been a culinary expert. He always brings the dessert. He likes to please and it is always a privilege to sit beside him.

This table-face transmits joy: the fun crockery designed by Iuka is a good excuse to celebrate at the Dot table.
It would be impossible to find a better combination.

Last but not least: my father, quite a character. He is an example of innovation and functionality. His agenda is always full of invitations to Christmas suppers. An untiring traveller. Lover of exotic food and vegetarian par excellence.

Colourful tables for special occasions. Simple, like our table Dot and exotic like the handcraft crockery of El Almacén de la Casa.

There was the odd clash, as at all good celebrations, but in the end cordiality prevailed and a good time was had by all. As my grandmother always says: “what happens at nan’s house stays at nan’s house”.

We drew inspiration from the wonderful mannerist paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo and the Editorial by Cruz Faber photographed by Silvio Posada, for our Christmas campaign


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