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Dawning of a new era

We started out in 2013 at an old bakery in the La Guindalera district of Madrid. The charm of that place and our desire to design furniture full of emotion is a clear reflection of our everyday lives and our designs. Endeavouring to strike a balance between aesthetic and functional, we pursue our love of simplicity, creating furniture with a soul to be part of our everyday life.

We design timeless furniture that will last over time, avoiding any fleeting trends. With paper and pencil in hand, we capture good ideas to tell great stories. Dymo, Jota, Zebra all our furniture falls into chapters written with a language of colour, textures and materials.

“Always with a challenge in mind, we investigate the most sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques to enhance our production processes”.

We take great care of our wood, we like to keep them feeling natural, using water-based varnishes that do not alter their texture. We also have a passion for colour, so we have developed a range of coloured water-based lacqueurs, carefully prepared, environmentally sustainable and free from toxic components to guarantee safety and quality.

At Beanhome we have always liked to highlight what makes us unique, our craftsmanship, so all our furniture is manufactured entirely in Spain. We maintain that well-designed, high-quality products must be accessible. Together with our team, we have worked tirelessly to achieve this balance between design, quality and price.

And now we embark on a new era focusing on technology and innovation. We incorporate e-commerce as a form of dialogue with you and your everyday lives.

“We consider it important to listen to you, so we pay great attention to your queries and requests”.

We are developing. We want to go a little further and be close to you. Will you come with us?