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Heaps of fun with the interior designer Amaya de Toledo and Donna Wilson

The interior designer Amaya de Toledo invited us to participate in this fun, colourful set design with our items Flip, Robotic and Frisbee.

New year, new trends.

At last, what has for many of us, without a doubt, been a complicated year with numerous ups and downs has finally come to an end. We leave 2020 behind us to take 2021 with strength and optimism, a year that we hope will meet all our expectations.

We kicked off 2021 buried in snow, but as the saying goes: “A year of snow, a year of plenty”. Fingers crossed.

One thing that has been crystal clear over the past year is that our home has become the place we spend the most time. For this reason, at Beanhome we consider it more important than ever to take care of our homes and feel at ease with the furniture we use on a daily basis.

Giving our homes a fresh look and making them cosier has never been so important. We want to fill our surroundings with optimism, colour and good vibes, so that we can also pick up those good vibrations.

At Beanhome we have been lucky enough to participate in the latest project of our admired Creative Director Amaya de Toledo, creator of this fun, colouristic mise en scène. Robotic, Flip and Frisbi have been accompanied by the original designs of Donna Wilson, which inspired Lorena Canals for her washable carpets.

Donna Wilson designs capricious objects and decorative items full of colour. An entire universe of imagination that well deserves to be discovered.

Nuestro estante Frisbi y nuestro mueble auxiliar Robotic se integran a la perfección con el resto de elementos escogidos por Amaya de Toledo (Aletheia Studio). Una combinación sublime de colores, texturas y elementos sorprendentes y únicos.

La maravillosa alfombra Woolable Abstract de Lorena Canals está inspirada en una acuarela original de Donna Wilson en la que se representan con exactitud las mismas manchas de color. Una pieza ultra cálida y gustosa para estos meses de frío.

Following the same line of shapes and colours, Donna Wilson’s Woolable Pie Chart circular carpets are a prominent feature in this second edition; this time inspired by the cover of a round wooden bench. Perfect for both children’s spaces and any corner of your home with personality.

Our most versatile item, Flip, is at the back, but by no means less important.

Playing with space has never been so much fun. Sofa, bed or desk? We have chosen the sofa for this scene. The possibilities are endless, whenever and wherever you like. Amazing!

Acknowledgements: Amaya de Toledo, Donna Wilson, Lorena Canals, Manolo Yllera, Vitra, Piccolomondo, Thanks Mum, Ciszak Dalmas, La Clínica Design, Casa y Jardín.


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