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These are the items of Beanhome design furniture that you can buy at a special reduced price

After a year adapting to this extraordinary situation that affects all of us, the vast majority of decoration firms have chosen to continue making our house a unique, comfortable space. At Beanhome, we strive to offer design, quality and practical solutions for any space and we want our designs to be accessible also during these strange, complicated times for everyone.

In February we want to make your dream to buy your Beanhome furniture come true, so we have launched the Beanhome Sales; at this exceptional time, we want to help you by offering exceptional prices.

You are also reminded that Beanhome offers you the possibility of financing your furniture in 3, 6, 9 or 12 instalments. This will make it much easier for you to buy a piece of furniture that will serve you for a lifetime. Discover all the information on Beanhome Financing here and simulate your financing for each item of furniture in our b-shop.

For those who thought that working from home would be a short-term arrangement and still don’t have a workspace at home, there is still time. Dot will be your favourite meeting point. A round table that adapts to any setting: in the dining room, kitchen, meeting room or even for sharing some fun times with the smaller members of the family. Dot is our most optimistic table and since colours bring things to life, you can personalise it in your favourite colour: curry yellow, ocean blue or Chinese red.

In our sales, you can buy Dot for just €540, down from €675. If you decide to finance the purchase, you can have it for 229.50 €/month (3 instalments), 117.00 €/month (6 instalments), 79.50 €/month (9 instalments) or 60.47 €/month (12 instalments).

If you are looking for a versatile piece of furniture that adapts to the flexibility of your life, we make things easy for you with Flip. Tailor-made versatility to multiply your possibilities: sofa, bed or desk. A totally revolutionary design that adapts to any space. You can also personalise the frame, giving your favourite corner a touch of colour.

In our sales, you can buy Flip for just €1,275 down from €1,500. If you decide to finance the purchase, you can have it for 510.00 €/month (3 instalments), 260.00 €/month (6 instalments), 176.67 €/month (9 instalments) or 134.38 €/month (12 instalments).

Apart from being our sculptural piece, Frisbee is an original, versatile shelf. It has a characteristic design and can be used as a side table, a bedside table or as a shelf on your wall: you can use a single Frisbee or create your own combination to create your installation. Available also in different colours and finishes to make your space a play of colours.

In our sales, you can buy Frisbee for €77,35 down from €91. If you decide to finance the purchase, you can have it for 30.94 €/month (3 instalments).

We want this February to be even more special. What are you waiting for to make your Beanhome dream come true?


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