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Nuestro mueble más versátil tres en uno: sofá, cama y mesa de trabajo.

Design and functionality are our mottos at Beanhome. Versatility is the added value we always want to give our furniture.

Our most versatile item is probably Flip, which can be used as a sofa, bed or desk, depending on the time or your needs. Flip is multi-purpose at its best. You just need to know what to do to transform it. That’s why we have created Flip, the manual. An illustrated instruction book showing you how to transform Flip step by step.

Creating Flip was quite a challenge for us, because we did not just want a dual-purpose item of furniture; we wanted to make it a three-in-one. After producing a sofa-bed and couch with Zebra 2.0, with Flip we added the possibility of converting it into a desk.

Flip is our most versatile item. It is a perfect designer item for all kinds of rooms: it goes equally well in a guest bedroom, a living room, an office or any other room you can imagine. It makes the most of all the space in just one room or even in different ones.

The frame is available in seven colours from our Beanhome colour palette, so you can choose more neutral shades (such as white or grey) or go for bolder colours (such as curry yellow or strawberry red).

De una forma rápida, sencilla y con el mínimo esfuerzo podrás cambiar el formato de Flip para adaptarlo a una situación u otra.

As you can see in the video-manual, all you have to do is remove the bed frame or lower board and raise the higher one to achieve the desk effect. If, on the contrary, you want two different places to rest, the boards act as a base for two beds. We should mention that the lower frame is on wheels to make it even more convenient and practical.

At Beanhome we think of everything, and as a supplement for Flip, we offer our Flip Futon: a Japanese-style 100% cotton support for you to enjoy maximum natural comfort. However, if you prefer something more traditional, we also offer the Flip Mattress, with Sleep Care V3 Thermo Intelligent technology.

This is versatility in its full glory. Our three-in-one – sofa, bed, desk – offers the adaptability that all rooms should have.

Functionality and a changeable appearance. Are you willing to turn your home around?


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