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The designer furniture firm Beanhome launches its latest novelty: the Mirlo bookshelf

Sustainability, design, craftsmanship and technology are the essential pillars on which Beanhome buids. Along these lines, the designer furniture firm now launches its bespoke Mirlo bookshelf, which can be purchased through its On Demand service. We aim to offer maximum personalisation and avoid producing stock.

Beanhome’s Mirlo bookshelf is inspired by the De Stijl artistic movement and, more specifically, by the forms and colours used by Mondrian. Beanhome has adapted these references to its own style, creating a bookshelf of straight lines, with open shelves and closed spaces with doors. The predominant colours –ocean blue, curry yellow and Chinese red– are combined with natural chestnut wood.

At Beanhome, versatility and practicality play a major role. For this reason, the Mirlo bookshelf has a tailored design, adaptable to the needs of each home. Mirlo can be used as a large bookshelf, a sideboard for your television or even be adapted to a long or narrow space. This item can be customised to such an extent that you decide on the number of shelves and doors you want.

How can you order your Mirlo bookshelf On Demand?
Write to us at ilove@beahome.com. We will arrange an appointment to visit your home and take measurements, and will then set to work so that you have your bespoke Mirlo bookshelf within 5-6 weeks.

All your favourite items will have a place in Mirlo. This piece of designer furniture will inspire you and help you to be organised.


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