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Hom Bunk Bed, much more than a two-level designer bed

Hom for kids is the perfect bunk bed. Its modern, revolutionary, creative design makes it inviting not only for resting, but also for getting together at home.

Otilia owns a HOM bunk bed and has invited us to her home to see her daughters’ bedroom, which was decorated by Mónica Andina, interior designer and partner of Andina & Tapia. We have been lucky enough to speak with both of them and in the following video they will be explaining their experience living and decorating with this ingenious designer furniture.

With Hom, we wanted to reinvent the traditional bunk bed. We play with the straight lines, the pigmented wood and the circular steps of the ladder, giving life to a piece of furniture that is so much more than just a bed: it is a designer bunk bed where you can sleep, relax and have fun. According to Otilia:

“It is a room inside a room. It is their playground”

The time concept is essential to understand Hom, and it is our perfect bed for both children and teenagers. As they grow, Hom will grow with them. In the words of Mónica Andina:

“This space is born due to HOM, which is versatile and follows you through out time”

Its versatility is also its hallmark. It is not just a piece of household furniture for sleeping on every night; because of its height, it can be used in loads of other ways: for doing your homework, reading, watching films together… The possibilities are endless. As Otilia reported:

“HOM is the main character in everything that happens in the bedroom: the games, the plays, the tales”

We invite you to change and shift the leisure hours you spend with your children away from the traditional living room into the bedroom. Do you dare?

That’s Hom for kids, Beanhome’s creative bunk bed that reinvents traditional concepts.


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