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Female creators of contemporary furniture and products

We want to share our latest project with you all: Female Creators. In this action we joined forces with other female product designers to create set designs full of creativity. They have just been published in the June edition of the magazine AD.

It all began a few months ago: at Beanhome we felt the need to display our furniture in atmospheres with personality, while at the same time demonstrating the practicality of our designs.

So we decided to join up with other design firms, with which we identified for their creativity, sustainability and craftsmanship. They all share a common philosophy with us, based on the new values prevailing in design for the near future. Functional, versatile, movable objects, which move around our homes with no complexes and always look great.

We will tell you about each one:

Kilombo Rugs is the carpet firm founded by Alejandra and Cristina Montero. They wanted to fill a gap in the carpet world, and they have succeeded. All their designs are done by hand and can be tailored. They offer an immense range of possibilities: from Kilims or Dhurries to carpets for children’s rooms or outdoors. Figurative elements, abstract, colour… are all part of their inspiration, which they combine to achieve an astonishing outcome.

Gropius Lamps: Sofía Iribarren and Jaime Colomer head up this firm of design lamps. Their use of colour in both the shades and bases take us into a cheery, optimistic world full of energy. Blues, greens, reds, yellows… which contrast with the squares, brightly-coloured velvet and sophisticated fringes of the lamp shades. The final result is a most desirable light.

Casa&Jardín: Annie Martínez-Pita is the artistic manager of Casa&Jardin, the firm of artisan furniture made in Spain. The firm is itself a retrieval of the brand from the seventies. Its different versions of chairs are a benchmark in the world of interior design, decoration and architecture.

Details make the difference, and for this reason we have also hooked up with one of the exceptional collaborators to put the finishing touches to our settings.

It is always a pleasure to work with Lorena Benzo, the woman behind the crockery firm Iuka. We worked together on our Christmas edition with our Dot table. In this case, we have chosen another of her ceramic designs, cheerful, clever and entirely functional from a contemporary point of view.

Cristina Somoano is responsible for the ceramics of El Rayo Verde. She is inspired by traditional craftsmanship, combined with her more artistic point of view. You can find her designs in La Californie.

Mariqui Ortiz dazzled us with the item Lumière d’Amis for her newly created ceramics firm Ki Ceramics. We will sit around this item and experience some wonderful times. Items made to order, a tray carrying several candlesticks, and we will gather around the candle light.

The flowers and plants of Margarita se Llama mi Amor and Columela Flores are always successful. When you go into one of these shops, you delve into a plant oasis right in the centre of Madrid. They have an infinite variety and their floral compositions and selections of plants reveal their delicate sensitivity.

No-one but the Stylist and Creative manager Nuria Menoyo is capable of bringing us all together to create a perfect combination. Nuria creates unique, special, magical atmospheres, full of personality. We would love to live in any one of them.

To complete this magnificent team, we needed someone with the sensitivity of Belén Imaz to capture each of the atmospheres created. Belén, a photographer with extensive experience in interior design, is a regular in the leading specialist decoration publications.

The images we can see hanging on the walls of this production show us also Belén Imaz’s personal work.

We would like to express a big thank you to the magazine AD for reflecting this work, which is so special for us. Particularly Enric Pastor, the Conductor of the magazine, and Isabel Margalejo and Toni Torrecillas, who so warmly accepted our proposal. Our thanks also to the Bz Prensa team for the original idea and wonderful coordination.


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