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VI Edition Producto Fresco

Producto Fresco is a DIMAD project that started up in 2012 and aims each year to display the best in product design in the last year in Madrid. Beanhome was able to participate with our Archi desk.

In addition to the exhibition, it has a catalogue and website where all the necessary information can be found on each item included in the exhibition. These tools are intended to give international visibility to all the projects included each time.

Producto Fresco aims to show the current state of interior design with students, designers and professionals with a track record. The exhibition is held at the Matadero Madrid Design Centre and openly promotes design so that the public can learn, enjoy and appreciate the projects on display as a vital part of culture.

Producto Fresco has, in recent years, become a platform and showcase for the avant-garde in product design. It displays the latest innovations and reflects the needs and difficulties faced by designers in their daily work, from production to marketing.

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